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Dynamic Directions, V. 4, 2010

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On May 13-14, 2010 the University of Warsaw celebrated the scientific achievements of Professor Robert B. Zajonc, one of the most creative and influential social psychologist of the XXth century. Born and raised in Poland, he immigrated to the US in 1948 but his ties to his motherland remained strong throughout his scholarly career. Not only was Professor Zajonc a member of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the recipient of an honorary doctorate from the University of Warsaw, he was also instrumental in establishing the Institute for Social Studies (ISS) at the University of Warsaw in 1991 as a sister institution of the Institute for Social Research (ISR) at the University of Michigan.

To commemorate Professor Zajonc's role in its founding,
ISS was proudly renamed
the Robert B. Zajonc Institute of Social Studies.

As part of the commemoration there was the joint ISS-ISR conference in which several of his fellow scientists discussed Professor Zajonc’s work and its impact on their own thinking and research. The list of speakers include: T. Antonucci, E. Burnstein, J. Cacioppo, B. Gomes de Mesquita, J. Grzelak, R. Huesmann, J. S. Jackson, M. Jarymowicz, S. Kitayama, M. Kofta, H. Markus, S. Murphy, P. Niedenthal, A. Nowak, R. Ohme, J. Reykowski, Y. Schul, R. Siemieńska, G. Wieczorkowska-Wierzbińska, F. Winkielman.

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